Product Update: Market Landscape W26 ‘23

🗓️ Published date:
20 Jun 2023
✍️ Author:
Radu Gheorghiu
At Scitodate, we're committed to continuous innovation, ensuring our products like Market Landscape, our AI-powered market analysis tool, remain at the forefront of the scientific sales and marketing industry. Today, we're thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements to Market Landscape, designed to further refine your user experience and empower your sales, marketing, and product management processes.

In this article, we'll provide a concise overview of these new updates, highlighting their potential to help you formulate effective segments, analyze your market, and engineer highly targeted campaigns. Whether you're a seasoned user or new to Market Landscape, these enhancements are set to bring you even closer to achieving your goals.

Segment Creator

The Segment Creator now allows users to copy blocks from one segment to another. This new feature simplifies the segment creation process, making it easier for users to replicate and modify segments based on their specific needs.


The Prospector has undergone a significant redesign. The filters have been moved from the left vertical bar to a horizontal bar above the results, providing more visibility over the data and making the filtering process simpler and more intuitive.

We've also added four new filter options: Postcodes, Cities, States/Provinces, and Exports. The last one is particularly exciting as it allows users to exclude previous exports from current searches. Please note that the postcode and city filtration is currently applied to a part of the data, but we are working to extend this to all our data.

We've also added a new data point for segments and Prospector: Patents. This allows users to access information about people and companies based on patent data, providing a new dimension of insight.

Note: In the future, we plan to merge information about authors and people, as well as institutes and companies, for a more streamlined user experience.

Quick Search

The new Quick Search feature allows users to quickly create segments directly from Prospector. Users can save a Quick Search as a Segment or add a quick search as a block to an existing segment.


The Analyzer now sports a new design for a better overview of the data. Additionally, users can now export any data point as either a .png or .csv file, providing more flexibility in how they use and share the data.


Finally, we've introduced a long-awaited feature: the addition of LinkedIn profile URLs to each scientist lead downloaded from our platform. This feature will make it even easier for users to connect with potential leads and build their network, without having to spend precious time enriching this data.

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