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Discover untapped potentials,
not just market segments

Market Landscape revolutionizes how you grasp your market dynamics and segments, providing AI-powered tools and vital insights to optimize your marketing and product management processes.

Why Market Landscape?

🎯 Precision in Segmentation

Market Landscape empowers you to formulate effective segments based on product type and features, fostering a more tailored and focused marketing strategy.

📊 Unveil Market Trends

Market Landscape's AI-enhanced tools allow you to analyze your market based on the custom segments you've created, providing invaluable insights to guide your marketing decisions.

📣 Boost Targeted Outreach

Export prospect information from Market Landscape to engineer highly targeted campaigns. Reach your ideal customers more effectively, improving both your connection rates and overall marketing success.

Marketing & product professionals love us

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"Working with Scitodate allowed us to streamline our lead generation process, making it easier and more complete. Their team is always willing to help and make our feedback actually useful."

Portret picture of Joao Rosa

Joao Rosa

Business Manager Scientific Instruments
at Insplorion AB
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"I generated sales pipeline of over $ 34M during 2021 using Scitodate."

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Mariam Iftikhar

Sales and Business Development Specialist
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"Scitodate lets us call information exactly how we need to and eliminates days of manual research. We cannot wait to put this knowledge to work for us."

Portret picture of Kenya Ebersole

Kenya Ebersole

Marketing Communications Specialist at
Vision Research Ametek
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Make data work for you!

Analyze market trends and opportunities, identify the ideal customers for your products and create hyper-targeted campaigns

Scitodate gives you insight into millions of datapoints, visualized with easy to read graphs and charts

Millions of scientific data points & benchmarks

We use the most accurate and largest scientific databases. You can effortlessly access and analyze millions of publications, grants, institutions, patents, researchers and more.

Unique market insights

You can quickly identify new potential customers and business opportunities with our tools and products and vastly expand your prospects database with your prospects' collaborators and our look-alike feature.
Scitodate products give you insights into the global market trends, by mapping it in maps and line charts.
Scitodate allows you to search for key terms such as "Additive manufacturing" and will retrieve results of people with scientific publications and academic funding

Hyper targeted sales & marketing campaigns

We don't just help you find customers, but we help you identify, target the best scientists ready to buy. Furthermore, with our deep data insights, you can create hyper-targeted market segments targeting specific markets, customer's needs and product categories.

Engagement & personalization

Stay on top of your leads with our Funding Tracker and enrich your pipeline with new relevant contacts and receive alerts and news feed for valuable accounts and leads to stay up to date with their research developments.
Scitodate allows you to easily craft a tailored sales message. E.g. mentioning a recently acquired grant in a personal message
For commercial & product teams


Market Landscape

€799 / mo.*
(€1860 / mo.)
*First year starting price
Billed yearly / user
Market Landscape empowers marketing teams and product managers in the scientific instrument industry. With AI-powered insights and comprehensive data, it revolutionizes market understanding and enables targeted campaigns for success. Understand and engage your market with Market Landscape.
AI-powered Segmentation: Strategically segment your market with AI
Comprehensive Insights: Acquire deep and insightful market knowledge
Data Aggregation: Curate the most accurate market data
Product Analysis: Understand product usage and its inherent value
Lead Generation: Identify and target high-value prospects
Customized Campaigns: Customize your marketing efforts for improved results
Competitive Research: Stay competitive with the latest market insights
Collaborator Insights: Uncover potential strategic partners
Ongoing Support: Continuous assistance

You're Minutes Away from Unlocking the Market Insights You Really Need

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