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Intelliscope revolutionizes the way you connect with scientists and their collaborators, offering AI-enhanced tools and vital information to streamline your sales process.
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📈 Grow Your Network Effortlessly

Intelliscope is your backstage pass to the scientific community. Dive deep into your prospects' world, explore their collaborators, and uncover shared projects. You're not just connecting, you're building a powerful, interconnected network that fuels a steady stream of opportunities.

💰Drive Opportunities With Funding Data

Empower your pitches with targeted grant and funding insights. Understand your prospects' budgets and needs, and resonate with personalized messages crafted by our AI tools. With Intelliscope, every call is a step towards a meaningful connection, not just a sale.

🧰 Know What Products They Use

With Intelliscope's tracking feature, you'll be informed whenever an author mentions your company, products, or even your competition. Forging a relationship becomes more comfortable when you share common knowledge and interest in particular instruments or technologies.

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Is This Your Way To Connect To Scientists?

Traditional research methods are time-consuming and often fail to provide the information you need to effectively connect with potential clients.

Wasted time and missed opportunities

Continuing with manual research methods could result in missing valuable leads and spending too much time on irrelevant prospects.

Ineffective strategies and lost sales

Using generic sales tools may lead to missed opportunities and failed connections, as they don't provide the tailored approach needed in the science industry.

Then it's time to switch

3 easy steps on how to start with Intelliscope and connect with scientists more effectively.

Get Started in Minutes

Install the Intelliscope browser extension and start exploring granular information about scientific prospects and their research.

Identify High-Value Prospects

Use Intelliscope's powerful AI tools to qualify leads in 30 seconds and gain in-depth knowledge about scientists, their publications, grants, and collaborators.

Connect Effectively with Scientists

Leverage Intelliscope's AI-generated sales messages and tailored insights to build lasting relationships with scientists and their collaborators.

You're 1 step away from building better relations in science

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