How Malvern Panalytical generated €1.5 M in opportunities

They did this by implementing a strategic & targeted approach to their sales & marketing. They used our data to create hyper-targeted segments. This led to a higher conversion due to them finding the right target for their products.
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< 5 min
On lead generation and qualification process
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+ 40%
Time saved on benchmarking & reporting
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> 35%
Higher lead (MQL) conversion rates
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+ 30%
Increase in the opportunity values

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"I generated sales pipeline of over $ 34M during 2021 using Scitodate."

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Mariam Iftikhar

Sales and Business Development Specialist
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"Scitodate lets us call information exactly how we need to and eliminates days of manual research. We cannot wait to put this knowledge to work for us."

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Kenya Ebersole

Marketing Communications Specialist
at Vision Research Ametek
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What we see on the market

Without Market Landscape

🚫 Limited industry insights
🚫 Busy and reactive
🚫 Lagging behind competitors
🚫 Limited market research capabilities

With Market Landscape

✅ Access to in-depth industry insights and data
✅ Proactive, data-driven decisions
✅ Positioned for success and a stronger market presence
✅ Ability to create targeted and effective marketing campaigns

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